Disappearing Japanese Lifestyle

This video is my attempt to capture an image of a lifestyle in Japan which may soon be gone. Though farming was an important lifestyle in Japan for centuries, few young people are choosing this way of life which many see as difficult and with little chance of a good quality of life. The children of Japanese farmers are more often now choosing to leave the farm to pursue life and opportunity in Japan’s bustling urban settings. With college degrees and high-paying jobs there is little reason for such young people to consider returning to the family farm despite the fact that many hold a sentimental longing for an once idealized, simple and humble way of life. After farmers such as those in this video are gone there may be nobody willing to take over their small, family farms. Neglected and abandoned farms may then be reclaimed by nature as this old way of life fades from the landscape as well as the minds of the Japanese people. I often encounter lost farms while exploring in the hills and mountains of central Japan, which cause me to think of the people who once cared for the land and received sustenance from it. There is a quality of character in such people which I respect and admire and which I believe lies at the heart of the character of the Japanese.

The following video shows the possible future fate of small farms such as these:


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