Pruning a 100 Year Old Japanese Pine

Emily and I joined her grandparents recently to visit an elderly woman who lives alone in her old farmhouse in a small village near our home in Japan. The woman is a family friend and her big house sits on a very large property with farmland extending up the side of the mountain and a large and well-cared for garden accessible from the courtyard. The old woman spends time outdoors each day tending to her kitchen garden, though she is now too old to take on more difficult tasks such as pruning the old ornamental pine trees (matsu) on her property. While we were visiting an older couple were busy trimming back the new growth on a stately 100 year old pine. The couple seemed a bit camera shy and I did not wish to make them uncomfortable so my footage is brief and simple. The woman told me that the key to pruning such a tree is to simply cut off the new grown which are clearly visible. The couple are neighbors in this very small community of just 11 houses, where most members of the village drop by often to check on the old woman and to help her with the few simple farming and household tasks which need to be done. My in-laws help out as well by bringing her fresh water from their filtered water system as the home’s only other water supply is direct from the nearby stream.


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